At Safeguards Group, our priority is to provide solutions that meet the business markets’ and customers’ current needs. We anticipate the escalating demands of the increasingly globalised business and analyse our clients’ end-user dynamics.

Recognising that market leadership is not a legacy but a state of development in continuum, we at Safeguards strive to reinvent ourselves by constantly setting higher benchmarks for ourselves and the industry.

We are committed to deliver our best to our partners and clients through the best-of-class service, products and communal environment in mutually attaining and exceeding our collected goals and aspirations.

Vision & Mission

Our goal is to be the leading security solutions provider in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region. Through the quality of work and the business professionalism of our highly qualified and well-trained workforce, we aim to provide the best possible value to our clients who care about the quality, reliability, and efficiency of their business operations. We want to ensure that every penny spent on our solutions is of great value to our clients’ business operations.

To achieve this vision, our mission revolves along the following guiding principles:

  • Implementing and achieving the high benchmarks set for our solutions’ quality, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Fully committed to the business growth and development of our clients by offering excellent customer service and support, and ensuring we remain as the most customer-focused vendor.
  • Instilling a culture of continuous improvement to uphold the standards of customer satisfaction by maintaining locally and internationally recognised accreditation.
  • Ensuring a qualified and well-trained professional workforce through continuous employee training and development programmes.
  • Ensuring that the Safeguards Trademark is more recognised than other competitors throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Shared Values

Safeguards Group emphasises on 4 Pillars which are critical to our success: Sales, People, Management and Technology

Our Sales shared value emphasises on strong client focus through excellent customer care, and our commitment to building long-term relationships. Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with our customers to provide the best solution, whether in products or services, that are in line with their current business goals and strategies.

Safeguards Group values its People as its most priced asset. The Group understands that diversity and inclusivity is key to a dynamic, creative and thriving workforce. With this essential value, the Group also ensures a qualified and well-trained professional workforce through continuous employee training and development programmes.

Our Management believes in active engagement with employees and clients alike as it dynamically maintains the organisational goals, ensuring that the business is robust and healthy for all our stakeholders.

To achieve our customers’ needs, we ensure that state-of-the-art Technology infrastructures are available to support our business demands. With technology constantly evolving, we commit to keep-up and provide our customers with the latest products and services accompanied by safe and secure data network that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to meet their business requirements.